Thursday, May 12, 2005

All Reason Aside

I am updating from my dashblog widget currently, proudly within the clutches of Tiger, sadly it does not work with Pro Tools. Besides that, it is outstanding.

Ms. Naomi Watts will be staying at the hotel for the next 10 days and I'm mentally preparing to set aside all morality, reason, dignity, etc... to have some sort of sexual rendesvouz with her. This is a tough one, but I think I can manage a total dismissal of my redeeming qualities if that's what it takes.

In the mean time, I prepare for the moves, a visit from the westward Nick and seem to be constantly memorizing lines, attending rehearsals, eating from a craft services section on a set or counting money. It is an amazingly redeeming thing to wake up early, do all your house work, study for another acting project, go to set, hit hair/make-up, shoot some material, then go for a run, see kate/lowx, go back to set, hair/make-up, shoot more, spend time with wonderful and smart people, then ride home on the subway, listening to amazing new albums, arriving home, watch inspiring and wonderful films with friends right around the corner, plan huges shifts in life plans, all of this in one day, and then have that happen for a solid month in different forms. That is a huge huge priviledge. All that while still holding a job, making payments, making money, etc...

It's strange, I realized I have like 3 jobs. I work the hotel, which is insane, I work on the set/rehearsal/performance, then I am either doing strength/running.

I was running on monday before my call time and I headed into the park, decided to take the road-way through the center of the park, but then, once I was working that route, I decided to just do the entire perimeter road, all the way around, with the hill, the entire 6 mile prospect loop. It was great. Finally running knowing there were no tears, just some knee cap strangeness.

Also, and I know I'm picking on the Usher stuff, but I was listening to it and it was reminding me of taking the 4/5 train uptown on a sunday morning at like 7am with all my running gear and my number on my leg, drinking a ton of water and later having to pee at the starting line, and then running those long and really tough races by myself. That's outstanding.

Okay, sudden end, Funny ha-ha style.


Anonymous kali said...

im glad you can run again. move to california already damn it, i was right about STA travel, you dont have to be a student

11:25 PM  

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