Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Darker Shade Of Black

The Trailblazers extended GM John Nash's contract today.

I'm not sure where to begin, except to mention once more than the blazers tied their worst record EVER this season, and made no moves at vital moments when they had all the pieces to do so. Every worst fear about their future keeps being realized and we're left without Damon, without Shareef, and stuck with the likes of Zach Randolph, Darius Miles and the like. Don't even bring up Ha to me or I'm gonna cut you. That dude is a joke. Nash is the beginning of these problems. And don't try and tell me that cause he pulled in Telfair and over paid him that we're gonna win. Telfair can't shoot and he's headstrong. And the russians, well we'll be lucky if they amount to a capable version of Turkoglu, and that's not saying much. Anyhow. Here we are, with the most promising piece of the puzzle being Joel Pryzbilla (I'll admit, a Nash acquisition). So here we go Joel. Win my heart. It's broken. And if it were another year, I would be so pumped for draft day, our highest pick since our first draft ever, but now, the way things have gone, we'll draft a high schooler too high and overpay him. Damn.

This reminds me to rewatch "Hoop Dreams", a beautiful print that I just purchased on Criterion DVD. That is what real basketball is about. And can we talk about when they show you the meniscul cartiledge that they pull from William Gates' knee!? Dang. That's no good.


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