Sunday, May 15, 2005

I want to talk to you about THE CONTENDER

This show is perhaps the best on television. Tonight, The Contender brought a tear to my eye. Peter Manfredo Jr. vs Alfonso Gomez. I love both of these men. Both are amazing, amazing fighters. But suddenly, there we were, both men toe to toe, and I turned to Andre and called it for Manfredo Jr. He was just too long, and although Gomez is a rock and his punches are more solid than a wrecking ball, and he's always efficient and specific, Manfredo Jr. had the length. But to see the 7th round, a blistering mess of punches, like a tornado, a sand storm, these two men, the best fighters of the night giving all their hearts would allow, it was hard not to feel an amazing respect. Then, to see Alfonso's face, if you could call it that, his family visiting him and he can't even weep, he can't speak, his face is a piece of tenderized meat. These men are giants.


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