Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lucky Number Three

Every year the 13 worst teams (who did not make the playoffs) partake in a lottery to decide who gets the first 3 picks (and 3 best players) of the draft. Portland was statistically supposed to end up around #5. But anything can happen and sometimes a team can slide all the way to #7 or worse. We had an 8% chance of pulling #1. So... we pulled a #3, way better than anyone expected and a major chance to pick a HUGE player of consequence for the future of the franchise. OR we just won some serious serious trade leverage. John Conzano wrote a great article today, talking about how the chances are very, very good that Bogut or Marvin Williams (UNC!) could be very much available at #3. That is outstanding. And it also means that the first three picks are totally up in the air, increasing the value of the pick that much more. It's already been spoken that perhaps we could package a huge expiring Nick Van Exel package and that #3 pick and get Michael Redd from Milwaukee. All I know is that luck was on our side, and more importantly, we better not pull a Sam Bowie and blow things like we did when we took Bowie in front of Michael Jordan, dooming us up until now. It seems that breaking curses is in fashion, and I'm ready to begin the Blazers trip down that path.


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