Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One and the Same

This will offend some, but it is true:

The Passion Of The Christ = House Of Wax

Both crappy movies with grotesque violence that serve no purpose.
But let me say this, House Of Wax is outstanding, Passion is not.

House of wax is scary as all shit and makes me cringe when I think about it, cause it's so amazingly gorey.

Passion is some wierd mix of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lord Of The Rings and Braveheart.

I mean, you'd think I'd be all about it since I love movies where absolutely nothing happens. But seriously you guys, not only does nothing happen in Passion, no story is told, and it's so one-note that it's mind-numbing.


Anonymous Kali DeWitt said...

somehow i get the feeling that if a dirtied 24 girl ( i dunno her name b/c shes forgettable) were in the Passion this story would be reversed... ;) mwuahaha

3:23 PM  

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