Sunday, May 15, 2005

Surf Avenue

It's tough to say how long the distance was. Mapquest says 9 miles using freeways, which is fast. Google says 7 to sea breeze ave, it's all a wash. I'm gonna call it a round 8 or 9 mile. Probably 9.5 including the route to my house to prospect park and considering that the brooklyn half marathon starts at coney island, goes to the park and does a full circle (4 miles), meaning my route today was roughly 9.5 from 5th ave. Anyhow, that out of the way, it was long, amazing, totally worth it. You start off, climbing the big hill up to 11th/12th ave, then you've got to make you're way over ocean parkway and onto the side road which later joins it. You then realize you are at Avenue C, you've got 21 letters and some odd more avenues to go before you hit the board walk. Around Avenue N I take a rest, 60 seconds, stretch out on a bench, tuck my metro card back in my sock, all that good stuff. Then I start again. Around Avenue V perhaps is when your body starts to sabotage you, your stomach starts to knot up, your shoulders bunch up, you have to breath real good and release that stuff, maybe curse at yourself a little better, tell yourself to grow up, and keep running. Anytime you slow down or break, after about 6-7 miles, you legs don't understand, they are automated for forward movement. It's interesting, slowing down/walking feels unnatural and no matter how tired your body is, your legs propel you forward. That is not to mention that from about Avenue G on, it's a long and slow upward climb to the water. Finally, you hit Avenue Z, about 70 minutes later, and your body hurts, you're sick of that long ass hill and you can just barely see the boardwalk far ahead, you've still got 4 or 5 avenues (named ones) to go. But then, you hit it, the boardwalk, and it feels like, for one section of maybe 5 minutes, that you are REALLY living your life, your vision only sees forward. You see water, pan right, the parachute drop, the cyclone, pan left, housing developments, piers, you walk in slow motion out to the water, dip your hands in, pick up sand. You walk your way back up the boardwalk. Let me tell you something, nothing is worse than being stuck outside the cyclone without 5 dollars to ride it. I tried to talk the stoic indian fellow running the booth to reward my meritable acheivement with a free ride, he didn't agreed, I considered selling my 73 dollar metro card and walking home just to ride. Anyhow, you find the subway, you listen to Arvo Part, your body withdraws into itself, 10 miles later you feel pure, and if your knees would allow it, you'd run you're way back cause you know the brooklyn subway system will take longer than you and your own two legs.


Anonymous Kali said...

that was intriguing. did you check out the surfing situation perhaps? ;)Just think, that will be every run once u live in cal-ee-for-nya!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Keegan DeWitt said...

what surf? there was so no surf my friend. But I was definately having some acid flashbacks just being near the water, imagining you being such a little biotch while we were paddling out to that reef break. Man, I was gonna kill you. AND NO! Don't give me that short board crap. Okay, give me that short board crap, that must have been impossible.

3:22 PM  

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