Thursday, June 30, 2005

Catfish the size of a bear

15 movies - #12

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

Punch-Drunk Love


Let me just say this: 1) Tom Cruise - as of late, he may have gone off the deep end as a real human being, but as an actor, he's top notch, the real deal. 2) I just need to inform all to see this movie as soon as possible. It contains the greatest action (and might I say horror) sequence in the history of the cinema. It left me shaking and speechless.

My full review to follow tomorrow (along with several others, I imagine). In the meantime, for those of you looking for more where Spielberg came from, look no further and listen to the entire radio broadcast by Orson Welles of the H.G. Wells novel that originally shook the nation as well as an appealing interview between both Welles and Wells about the historical broadcast.

Both can be found here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

your welcome

15 movies - #11

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

In America

15 movies - #10

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Originally uploaded by Marapect.
killing ladies.


Originally uploaded by Marapect.
Seriously, look how passionate he is about the coffee.


Originally uploaded by Marapect.
So, as we've established before, my nephew is a powerhouse. This specific morning we were enjoying a beautiful breakfast with the entire family at the hotel before I had to leave for my play. At this specific moment, Jude is contemplating how outstanding it's going to be once he can drink coffee.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

if i think this is funny, am i an asshole?

tom cruise (takes a minute)

15 movies - #9

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Maggie Cheung

Was offered a role in X2 (2003) but turned it down because "If I start making films like that, they won't be proud. I'd feel like I was cheating. And I don't want half the world, we have 1.3 billion people in China, to know I'm cheating. That matters to me. I have more pride than that."

15 movies - #8

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

Dancer in the Dark

speaking of. . .


15 movies - #7

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Sunday, June 26, 2005

15 movies - #6

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.


saturday night at spaceland

brendan and i went to spaceland last night to check out the heartless bastards. they came highly recommended to brendan, who had given their disc a listen and enjoyed, but it was all gonna be new to me. we got there way too early and wound up watching two bands play before them.

the first was the spores. not a fan.

the second was mother superior. i've just been perusing their website and it seems they are quite big in europe. they played their shit well, but it's not exactly my tastes. there are some free downloads on the site if you're interested in seeing for yourself.

the main act was what we came for.

as i said, i had never heard the heartless bastards before and so i have no concept of how their sound compares live to the cd. but, they were definitely more my speed than the two previous bands. if you don't know them, they are a three piece band that formed in cincinatti and are signed with fat possum records.

it may have been the juxtaposition with the previous bands, but i liked them quite a bit. the lead singer, erika, has a fantastic voice and the songs are quick, energetic bursts of pure rock 'n roll. they played fast and hard only stopping maybe three times to take a sip of water and ask how everyone was. if you want to find out more about them check out their site and see what rolling stone, entertainment weekly and others are all raving about. and check out the song below courtesy of that site as well.

New Resolution

15 movies - #5

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

Before Sunset

The Coolest

I think is outstanding that even though Shavlik Randolph declared early and was a total punk and injured the ENTIRE 3 years he was at Duke, Coach K offered to call NBA teams on his behalf to gaurantee he ended up somewhere in the draft. That's dope, even for a Blue Devil.

I Want My 111 Minutes Back: A Review of Princess Raccoon

I just saw Princess Raccoon at the Asian Film Festival in New York. The gentleman who introduced the film congratulated the audience on their fine taste. “You could be at Herbie: Fully Loaded,” he said with a smug smile, “but instead you’re here to watch Seijun Suzuki’s Princess Raccoon.” The audience applauded and cheered. Well let me tell you, I would have rather watched Herbie: Fully Loaded twice in a row. Princess Raccoon, an allegedly whimsical musical based on Japanese folklore, easily qualifies for one of the ten worst films that I have ever seen. It is so wretched that its wretchedness actually makes me dislike other Seijun Suzuki films, which is quite a feat.

There is such a vast expanse of things wrong with Princess Raccoon that I hardly know where to start. Perhaps its worst faults are being both aggressively unintelligible and mind bogglingly monotonous. If the reels got mixed up or if half of them got lost in shipping the audience would not know the difference. If you don’t believe me I dare you to steal a print and have someone run the reels in random order. If you can tell me which one goes where I will give you every penny I have.

The first third of the film features a mishmash of scenes, songs (including a cringe inducing rap number), and images that don’t seem to be related in any way at all. Horribly integrated computer animation is thrown into the bargain, adding yet another brick to the immense, and rapidly growing, wall of incomprehensibility. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the writer wrote down any Japanese folklore that came to mind of on a bunch of note cards, stacked them up, shuffled them, dealt the cards out on a table, and then wrote the script according to their order.

About thirty-five minutes into the film some semblance of a plot arrives. Something about a shape-shifting raccoon princess (in human form) and a regular human falling in love. I hoped that this was a portent of the film being something other than a series of perplexing scenes, but no such luck. The film continues in the same absolutely baffling manner. I wish I had gotten out then, but I was trapped in the middle of a narrow row. In retrospect it would have been worth it.

I’m exhausted just thinking about the last couple of reels. I spent every moment hoping and praying that it would be over. Every big dolly move, swell in music, or scene that looked remotely like it was wrapping things up renewed my hopes that the credits were about to roll. For agonizing minute after agonizing minute it went on. And on and on and on. Finally, after dozens of false alarms, it cut to what I was sure must be an abstract pattern over which credits were about to appear. Then, in defiance of all reason, it cut to another scene. How could I forget? The completely unrelated subplot concerning a ninja being captured, urinated on, and boiled in a soup hadn’t been resolved.

I’m never going to get those 111 minutes back, but you can spare yourself the pain. Unless you want to taint your memory or future enjoyment of great Seijun Suzuki films like Youth of the Beast and Tokyo Drifter do not see Princess Raccoon. I would have rather spent my time vomiting.

Grade: Does not meet the criteria to receive a grade.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

15 movies - #4

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

The Beach

15 movies - #3

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

All the Real Girls

Other Workout Videos

Here is a Long List of workout videos.

Workout Video

Pretty impressive workout video available for Gerald Green. I must say, he looks kind of incredible, just really really small.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Good Blazer Summary

For a good run down of where we are at with things, check out what Hoops World has to offer in their informative summary.

15 movies - #2

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Tom Cruise is frickin' balls to the walls crazy

Lauer: It's very impressive to listen to you. Because clearly, you've done the homework. And you know the subject.

Cruise: And you should. And you should do that also. Because just knowing people who are on Ritalin isn't enough. You should be a little bit more responsible in knowing really —

Lauer: I'm not prescribing Ritalin, Tom. And I'm not asking anyone else to do it. I'm simply saying, I know some people who seem to have been helped by it.

Cruise: But you're saying this is a very important issue.

Lauer: I couldn't agree more.

Cruise: It's very — and you know what? You're here on the "Today" show.

Lauer: Right.

Cruise: And to talk about it in a way of saying, "Well, isn't it okay," and being reasonable about it when you don't know and I do, I think that you should be a little bit more responsible in knowing what it is.

Lauer: But —

Cruise: Because you communicate to people.

Lauer: But you're now telling me that your experiences with the people I know, which are zero, are more important than my experiences.

Cruise: What do you mean by that?

Lauer: You're telling me what's worked for people I know or hasn't worked for people I know. I'm telling you, I’ve lived with these people and they're better.

Cruise: So, you're advocating it.

Lauer: I am not. I'm telling you in their case, in their individual case, it worked. I am not gonna go out and say, "Get your kids on Ritalin. It's the cure-all and the end-all."

15 movies - #1

15 movies from the first half of this decade that have kicked my ass and changed my life. presented in 15 parts in alphabetical order.

About a Boy

Thursday, June 23, 2005

a certain kind of amazing

Things I Drink

Marc (my roommate, for those of you who don't know) made a great suggestion to me: Mixing lime and vanilla Coke. He hadn't tried it himself yet, but had a feeling that it might be good. Good fucking idea. It's great. You should try it yourself.


nouvelle vague

maybe it's lame but i like it. nouvelle vague's self titled release is jazzy, bossa nova inspired covers of mostly 80's hits. my personal favorite is "i melt with you" but this one is available for free download.

guns of brixton


Chris Paul of Wake Forest

On Nov. 15, 2002, Nathaniel Jones, Paul's grandfather and the first black owner of gas station in all of North Carolina, returned home from work and found five teenagers burglarizing his home. They taped Jones' mouth shut and tied his hands behind his back and beat him. He was left bleeding in his carport, where he died from a heart arrhythmia caused by the stress of the attack.

He was 61.

Five days later -- one day after the funeral -- Paul's West Forsyth High School team opened its season. Paul decided he would play, in honor of his grandfather, and vowed to score 61 points to match his grandfather's age.

Paul had never scored more than 39 points in a game, but late in the fourth quarter he found himself with 59 points. He drove the lane and hit a shot while being fouled.

Standing at the free throw line with 61 points, Paul took the ball from the referee, and instead of attempting the free throw, he threw the ball into the stands and walked off the court and into the arms of his family.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's Just Rock n' Roll

There are plenty of shit bands in the world, and there is all this talk about coldplay being the most important thing out there.
Last night Oasis awoke all of those foggy minds from the idiotic funk with a mind-blowing display of rock n' roll at a sold out Madison Square Garden. Tickets sold out within an hour on February 20th, and all those eager buyers sat jittering in their seats, as suddenly the lights dimmed and "Fuckin' In The Bushes" came onto the speakers. What followed was such a stellar and flawless presentation from brothers Gallagher and their newest chronies that it make hearts jump forth, hungry for what they had missed amid all the garage shit that had been bogging them down. As each song came, you could feel the collective love building and overflowing, people filling the world's most famous arena to what seemed the heavens. For this night, NY loved Oasis like it was '96, except for now it's '05 and we are starved for "the real thing" like never before. Oasis, for a good while was the greatest band on earth, and tonight, they showed why, and how they very well could be in the future. Liam and Noel tore through so many amazing songs and presented what, in my humble opinion, was the best show I've witnessed. The only competition left standing is the Oasis show I witnessed in Seattle in 1997 amidst "Morning Glory" and "Be Here Now" and u2's "Elevation" tour. I'm having a hard time matching words to feelings, I'll simply provide the setlist.

1) Fuckin' In The Bushes
2) Turn Up The Sun
3) Lyla
4) Love Like A Bomb
5) Bring It On Down
6) Morning Glory
7) Cigarettes & Alcohol
8) The Importance Of Being Idle (w/o Liam)
9) Little By Little (w/o Liam)
10) A Bell Will Ring
11) Live Forever
12) The Meaning Of Soul
13) Mucky Fingers
14) Champagne Supernova
15) Rock n' Roll Star
16) Songbird (acoustic)
17) Wonderwall (electric)
18) Don't Look Back In Anger (w/o Liam)
19) My Generation

use it

another song from the new pornographers' upcoming cd has graced the net. i like it better than 'twin cinema'. thanks to stereogum for the heads up.

use it

So, So Depressing

My mom often will just come up with really dark statements like "did you hear about that kid so and so who had his whatever whatever torn of by the thing-a-majig". Well, CNN has an article which is the equivalent to that. It's basically saying that there is a %70 chance that there will be a nuclear attack in the next decade. Sweet ass.

New Most Played

Some of my most played have changed. As of today:

10) Aquellos Ojos Verdes Nat King cole 11 plays
9) Feel Good Inc Gorillaz 12 plays
8) Huddle Information The Go! Team 12 plays
7) Television Robyn Hitchcock 13 plays
6) Dirty Mouth Hot Hot Heat 13 plays
5) The Girl From Ipanema Astrud Gilberto 13 plays
4) John Wayne Gacy Jr Sufjan Stevens 15 plays
3) Yumeji's Theme In The Mood For Love 15 plays
2) The Predatory Wasp... Sufjan Stevens 18 plays
1) See You Soon Coldplay 27 plays

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Manu Show

Somebody needs to notify Manu Ginobli that driving to the basket, ignoring all his open teammates and tossing the ball into 3 defenders is not any of the following: an actual play, a legitimate way to score with less than a minute left in a 5 point game that decides the championship, OR anything less than a cock-ass rookie move committed by somebody too big for their own britches.

Full Circle

Your life comes full circle, you meet Noel Gallagher himself, the night before you are to attend his sold out show at Madison Square Garden. This is the man who wrote the music you learned guitar to, this is the man who was your idol growing up, this is the man who writes and drives your favorite band of all time. This is the man. And there he was. You met him. Full Circle.


check out this picture of nate robinson working out for paul allen and the blazer's management.


all you itunes users out there should check out this week's free download. it's "gravity" by embrace, a song famously written by chris martin for coldplay but later given to his friends in this band, turning it into their first big hit in england in almost a decade.

gravity free download

Great Announcement

We have joined forces with "Celebrating A New Suit" and "Things I Eat" and now plan to also have guest appearances by Brendan McFadden and Marc Ripper. Chad has, in fact, already posted, about Jamirgay no less, and so that is all very exciting. Now we are absolutely unstoppable.

Oregon Forum

EnglandDan in the blazer's forum has a quote regarding draft night that I think is pretty right on:

The blazers will have a series of what-ifs set up:

If Marvin and Bogut go #1 and #2 then ....
I think the order goes trade for top SG (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Michael Redd), then trade with Charlotte for #5 and #13, then take offers from Utah or Toronto, then draft Gerald Green with the #3.

(don't) give hate a chance

scenestars has linked up the new jamiroquai single and it is guaranteed to get you dancing. big time. get it quick before it's gone.

(don't) give hate a chance

No work ethic

Great Article by Jim Beseda today in the Oregonian. As of 2pm today all early high school entrants into the draft must decide whether they want to partake, or return to college. If they decide to make themselves eligable for the draft, they are never allowed to play in college again. Ever. It's scary. Beseda quotes an NBA scout:

"Shavlik Randolph entered the draft because his father said he didn't want (Randolph) to sit on the bench at Duke," Blake said. "Is that ridiculous? What's he going to do? Start for L.A.? I like Shavlik, but, my goodness, he wanted to come out three years ago. He's not ready to play at the NBA level.

"I can understand a case like Randolph Morris. He went to Kentucky and found out it wasn't easy. Now he doesn't want to go to school and all of a sudden he's got his father and everyone around telling him, 'You're great.' And some agent is telling him he's going to get him a guaranteed contract in the first round or even in the second round, or else he can get him big money in Europe."

Much like I was mentioning last week, another example of youngs kids not working for what they want.

an inspiring meeting

Dear Friends: OASIS

I awoke this morning to realize I have made a gross mistep. My goal for this blog was to tell you about this that were outstanding. Well, there is something I need to tell you: Tomorrow night I am seeing... Oasis... on the floor... at a SOLD OUT... Madison Square Garden. And friends... that is so outstanding I cannot even begin to explain it. And there other this is, Don't Believe The Truth is great. It's no definately maybe, but it is a great rock record, and makes up one of maybe 3 quality summer records. Oasis is amazing, people are hating on them cause they think it's more deep to like coldplay, but I'm gonna tell you something, Oasis is still boss.

Just imagine it now... Madison Square Garden, sold out... lights go down... the beginning chords of "Lyla" strike up, lights come up, Liam stands center stage, hands behind his back, Noel in the corner, yelling something about how the audience is a bunch of "cunts" and should "come on." Priceless.


ONE SUBWAY RIDE TO SHOW: $2 ($4 round trip)


god bless oasis, so many amazing memories

Monday, June 20, 2005

New Collective Bargaining Agreement

The NBA and the Player's Association are on the cusp of solidifying a new CBA and therefore preventing a lockout. Very exciting.

Some highlights are:
-A 19 yr old age limit (therefore, unless in a unique circumstance, gauranteeing all players will complete atleast one year of college)

-A higher salary cap (making it easier to sign free agents and get rid of crap contracts)

-Now "super luxury tax" (for teams exceeding the cap)

-Only the first 2 years of rookie contracts are gauranteed, the rest are team options (so if you draft a bust of a player, you don't
have to commit for more than 2 years)

-All contracts would lose a year (so 8 year contracts become 7 I believe, it's either that or contracts from here forward can not exceed 7 years)

Hoops Hype, emphasis on hype

The Portland Trail Blazers are expected to send Ruben Patterson, the rights to Sergei Monia and the 3rd pick in the draft to the Utah Jazz for Gordan Giricek, Curtis Borchardt, Kirk Snyder and the 6th pick. What's not clear is if it's Borchardt AND Snyder or if it's Borchardt OR Snyder. Most likely both players will be needed in the deal to account for Patterson's trade kicker.

Thanks Nash

"If they don't want to compete for the third pick in the draft, then it's hard for me to envision them competing 82 times a season."

Portland GM John Nash on Gerald Green, Chris Paul and Deron William demanding solo workouts.


Acting like an asshole, deserves an asshole move in return.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Would Ya Believe....

there is a website solely dedicated to celebrities eating.... well.... thanks to thighs wide shut.... there is... CELEBRITIES EATING


Let it be said that I really, really love BLUR and yes, I agree that they are different without Graham, but not worse, and just as interesting. I think Graham was outstanding, but the path that he was exploring was more obvious than Damon's. Yes the struggle between the two was interesting, but to investigate the way entirely different cultures create sound, as compared to how older bands created sounds, is far more interesting. I love Graham, I think his solo records are unbearably bad, and I like loud/raunchy indie rock, and I'd love him to re-join Blur. But if it means having to wait for years for a new album, I'm not excited. Bloc Party is fucking retarded.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Man, Joanna Newsome is so wierd, and kinda great. She performed live on Jimmy Kimmel Live (!21mbs) and it I have no words except for that she's just a little strange.


It's important that I tell you about a mind-altering new site called Things I Eat. It's outstanding, hilarious, and involves and Aaron.

Friday, June 17, 2005

New Coach

We hired some schmuck. Big whoop. Why can't we just let AI coach, it looks like he'd be good with kids...


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Virus Laden Poo

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I am so so happy that John Nash is being a bull about this Gerald Green situation. Let me explain it to you. Gerald Green is coming directly out of high school, he has proven to be an explosive and amazing offensive player with leaps that would defy logic. But also, as is true with most high school prospects, he has some suspect defensive skills and has hired a slick "wheel and deal" agent who thinks he knows best. Well there was a huge pre-draft camp this last week at the Moody Bible Institute which is basically considered a pre-requisite for anybody trying to get picked in the draft. And word with scouts is Gerald Green UNDER performed at that camp, causing some to take pause at picking him as high as #3(the blazer's pick). So anyhow... Usually, when the Blazers work out players before the draft, they invite them in as groups, so they can compete against each other and try and show each other up and so on... But Green's agent is insisting that he work out alone. Insisting. He says that these players, one who in fact played for the national champs (McCants), are sub-par and late first round picks- therefore unworthy and trivial in actually evaluating the talents of his client. I think this is bull. So does John Nash. He has let Green and his agent know that we want to take him third, and moreover, we WANT him to visit us and workout, but we're not playing into any stipulations imposed by an agent, and we want to see Green prove his metal against some strong competition. That's a pretty fair request due to the fact that we'd be taking him before many big prospects and paying him a GAURANTEED 9 million over the next 3 years. Anyhow... I think this is great that Nash is resisting, in fact, INSISTING that they'd like Green to visit, but he's gonna visit like EVERYBODY ELSE.
You can read more HERE.

Nothing like...

a little bit of booing the Schwarzeneger.

Whatever they say about small packages.... well it's true

Originally uploaded by Marapect.
Jude and the posse came up for the start of the week. Jude had his first baby sitter, and she was outstanding. Obviously, I've never met as outstanding of a baby as we see here. You could try and present some opposition to that, I'd urge you not to.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The True True Goods

It is a sweet day over at Hoops Hype. I think John Lucas could be an amazing coach, I think John Nash is a pimp for denying Green a solo workout and I think all around, the idea of Pierce for the the #3 and Van Exel makes me tingle all over. Huh. Very compelling.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hoops Hype

"Don't expect to see Pierce in a Portland uniform. A source close to Pierce said, 'Paul will not play for the Trail Blazers.' He would not report to Portland, according to the source, and would accept any penalties or fines that resulted."

This makes me so angry. What the fuck are we, MILWAUKEE!? I mean seriously, you'll go play in the middle of a cornfield but for some reason PORTLAND, beautiful PORTLAND of all places, is totally NOT DOABLE for you. What the crap is that?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

When you're finished, try harder.

In the spirit of smearing Chad Hartigan's name, I've decided, even though my motivation for this blog is growing slim, to try even harder. I've been posting some quality shit lately and now that theme continues with a clip from "MITCH ALL TOGETHOR". Mitch Hedberg, sadly, is no longer with us, but more importantly, he is a total genius. And here he is my friends...

Friday, June 10, 2005


I find it important to provide you with URAQT (Diplo Mix) from MIA's "Piracy Funds Terrorism". It has haunted me since the show and is perhaps the most addictively fantastic song I have ever encountered. It is, in fact, a gift from God himself.

Wow. Shit Happens.

InSpot is a website where you can anonymously send witty greeting cards to ex-lovers notifying them that you have an std and that they do to! Wonderful!

negro please


Thursday, June 09, 2005


As many may know, Aaron, Marc and I witnessed M.I.A. live this latest evening last. I find it important to tell you that I am still deliberating on my review, and would like to simply say that it was the most awful "mind-fuck" of a concert-going experience I have ever had. If I get into it now, I'll write a 10 page rant, but I will confirm two things: MIA is way fucking cute, like big time big time cute. and SECONDLY, she doesn't want to be considered cute, by her own request.

Eitherway, you can see her WITH Diplo instead of that fucker who played with her last night, on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Don't Fuck With Jesus

This makes me laugh endlessly.


Dee Brown, a proposed 3 or 4 spot in the draft, broke his foot during the Pre-Draft Camp and was sitting inconsolable outside of the Northwestern Hospital. Now he'll have to recuperate and try and play one more year for Illinois, if they'll have him, and if he's recovered in time. That.... well that is just really fucking horrible.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"Cold Roses"

is amazing.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thank You Nate

Monday, June 06, 2005

Convincing? No. Interesting and kinda true... yes.

As for those of you who gave me shit about kind of giving Coldplay and their reverb drenched "X & Y" shit this week, the NY Times has gladly stepped into my corner. I don't entirely agree with this article, nor do I think that it really argues any discernable point. But I do think it represents the oncoming backlash.

Ummm... okay....

Lindsay Lohan had to have her breasts digitally reduced in "Herbie: Fully Loaded" cause test audiences found her character to be "too raunchy".

How about this? You set up a site, where anyone can go, and according to zipcode, arrange to have an errand run for them. Kinda like a messenger service, but for errands. So say I'm at work, and I'm like, "Boss, I can't run out and get that thing, but I could send and then once it gets here, I'll deal with it, I just don't have time to subway-it all the way over there." Or say it's valentine's day and you need to get flowers, set up dinner and go pick up that engagement ring. Bam! That's what I'm talking about. bitches.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

hey assholes

i've gotten some flack about the frequency as to which I update this journal. I'll have you know that thanks to Mac's new OS Tiger, all I do is press F12 and I've got my dashblog, where I can update in under 10 seconds. And therefore, you are provided with as much trivial info as possible. don't bite the hand that feeds you bitches. i post out of love, love i say.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thank You Prefix

In case there was ANY question as to whether Ryan Adams was fucking amazing or not, watch him woop letterman's ass.


Okay. He's Crazy. Just.... crazy.

Tom Cruise, sadly, has lost his fucking mind.

I Usually Hate The Future

But 2046looks so amazing that it makes me wanna cry.

Friday, June 03, 2005


strange when you realize that every second you spend around someone is a rare thing, and you are priviledged to have it.


At times it may be challenging to look at one of the year's most anticipated release with any perspective, but Coldplay has made it easy as possible. They've released an album which barely strays from the succesful methods of "A Rush Of Blood to The Head". Sadly, I find "Rush of blood..." to be almost entirely boring and although far above most releases in quality, an album which collected the success of a much more impressive and timeless first lp. "Parachutes" is Coldplay at it's most succesful, intimate and involving, sparse and complex all at the same time. With "Rush of blood..." we find a band using too many studio effects, playing songs clearly written in the studio. It's like watching a kid play with rack distortion on his crate mini amp, jumping around his bedroom, more impressed by the way his guitar "sounds" than what it "means". We often hear coldplay compared to u2. Sadly, u2 means something, and in the end, Coldplay means nothing.

All of this is secondary to the fact that Coldplay has released a rock solid album, compelling and catchy, sweet, predictably melancholy and sachrinely emotional. Where as "The Scientest" was the only track to succeed in this direction on "Rush of blood...", nearly every track on "X & Y" touches this chord with care and love and therefore, even if within the structure of stadium rock, always succeeds in attaching our heart strings.

If coldplay has decided to only write stadium ballads and rockers from here forward, they are doing it well, very well, but sadly, it's not what would make them timeless. Although I love "X & Y" and think it's a long-awaited gasp of fresh air from the wall to wall crap-show that has been this year's musical release schedule, I don't think it represents the band's full potential, their unique ability to pull off songs that other bands could not OR offers us an album which is outstanding from track 1 to 12. But I DO think it fits their crowd, will light up a stadium, will be put on mix tapes and will be played in cars late at night.

I think coldplay is grand, I think the album is grand, I just wish we could lose some of the unending REVERB and PHASER and DELAY which envelopes this entire album. I wanna feel less like I'm at a Pink Floyd Laser Light show tripping balls, and more like I'm walking a beach in the middle of the night with my whole life ahead of me.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Late night run

Napping. Man. Irresistable and at the same time so what the doctor ordered. Got real excited the other day about my new found lease on TOP GUN. Before my deep love for it had been a thorn in my side and now I'm free baby, FREE! Went for a good run, came back, enjoyed the apartment and watched the 24 finale, over a week late. Stalkers stalkers. trouble. BUT I may have a new sidekick. Hmmm. The marathon play, work, tv shoot, pr work marathon continues. This weekend brings a stoppage on the L train, one of many williamsburg failures, and it means I have to skip my race sunday morning sadly. Um... it DOES mean that i can get some serious laundry done, IN THE APARTMENT FOR A CHANGE! This weekend, I plan to watch Chungking Express. Let it also be said that when going to Hawaii I watched Le Eclisse and it's amazing, sometimes better than others.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Heard it here first

Alright, I'm taking sides. I say we take Gerald Greene over Marvin Williams, Bogut or anyone else. Realgm has a very cool and in-depth mock draft that agrees with me. 3 years from now, Portland could be incredible. Don't ask me about who should coach, I have no idea.