Friday, June 03, 2005


At times it may be challenging to look at one of the year's most anticipated release with any perspective, but Coldplay has made it easy as possible. They've released an album which barely strays from the succesful methods of "A Rush Of Blood to The Head". Sadly, I find "Rush of blood..." to be almost entirely boring and although far above most releases in quality, an album which collected the success of a much more impressive and timeless first lp. "Parachutes" is Coldplay at it's most succesful, intimate and involving, sparse and complex all at the same time. With "Rush of blood..." we find a band using too many studio effects, playing songs clearly written in the studio. It's like watching a kid play with rack distortion on his crate mini amp, jumping around his bedroom, more impressed by the way his guitar "sounds" than what it "means". We often hear coldplay compared to u2. Sadly, u2 means something, and in the end, Coldplay means nothing.

All of this is secondary to the fact that Coldplay has released a rock solid album, compelling and catchy, sweet, predictably melancholy and sachrinely emotional. Where as "The Scientest" was the only track to succeed in this direction on "Rush of blood...", nearly every track on "X & Y" touches this chord with care and love and therefore, even if within the structure of stadium rock, always succeeds in attaching our heart strings.

If coldplay has decided to only write stadium ballads and rockers from here forward, they are doing it well, very well, but sadly, it's not what would make them timeless. Although I love "X & Y" and think it's a long-awaited gasp of fresh air from the wall to wall crap-show that has been this year's musical release schedule, I don't think it represents the band's full potential, their unique ability to pull off songs that other bands could not OR offers us an album which is outstanding from track 1 to 12. But I DO think it fits their crowd, will light up a stadium, will be put on mix tapes and will be played in cars late at night.

I think coldplay is grand, I think the album is grand, I just wish we could lose some of the unending REVERB and PHASER and DELAY which envelopes this entire album. I wanna feel less like I'm at a Pink Floyd Laser Light show tripping balls, and more like I'm walking a beach in the middle of the night with my whole life ahead of me.


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But Guy Berryman is soooooooo can you say these things?

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