Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's Just Rock n' Roll

There are plenty of shit bands in the world, and there is all this talk about coldplay being the most important thing out there.
Last night Oasis awoke all of those foggy minds from the idiotic funk with a mind-blowing display of rock n' roll at a sold out Madison Square Garden. Tickets sold out within an hour on February 20th, and all those eager buyers sat jittering in their seats, as suddenly the lights dimmed and "Fuckin' In The Bushes" came onto the speakers. What followed was such a stellar and flawless presentation from brothers Gallagher and their newest chronies that it make hearts jump forth, hungry for what they had missed amid all the garage shit that had been bogging them down. As each song came, you could feel the collective love building and overflowing, people filling the world's most famous arena to what seemed the heavens. For this night, NY loved Oasis like it was '96, except for now it's '05 and we are starved for "the real thing" like never before. Oasis, for a good while was the greatest band on earth, and tonight, they showed why, and how they very well could be in the future. Liam and Noel tore through so many amazing songs and presented what, in my humble opinion, was the best show I've witnessed. The only competition left standing is the Oasis show I witnessed in Seattle in 1997 amidst "Morning Glory" and "Be Here Now" and u2's "Elevation" tour. I'm having a hard time matching words to feelings, I'll simply provide the setlist.

1) Fuckin' In The Bushes
2) Turn Up The Sun
3) Lyla
4) Love Like A Bomb
5) Bring It On Down
6) Morning Glory
7) Cigarettes & Alcohol
8) The Importance Of Being Idle (w/o Liam)
9) Little By Little (w/o Liam)
10) A Bell Will Ring
11) Live Forever
12) The Meaning Of Soul
13) Mucky Fingers
14) Champagne Supernova
15) Rock n' Roll Star
16) Songbird (acoustic)
17) Wonderwall (electric)
18) Don't Look Back In Anger (w/o Liam)
19) My Generation


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