Thursday, June 02, 2005

Late night run

Napping. Man. Irresistable and at the same time so what the doctor ordered. Got real excited the other day about my new found lease on TOP GUN. Before my deep love for it had been a thorn in my side and now I'm free baby, FREE! Went for a good run, came back, enjoyed the apartment and watched the 24 finale, over a week late. Stalkers stalkers. trouble. BUT I may have a new sidekick. Hmmm. The marathon play, work, tv shoot, pr work marathon continues. This weekend brings a stoppage on the L train, one of many williamsburg failures, and it means I have to skip my race sunday morning sadly. Um... it DOES mean that i can get some serious laundry done, IN THE APARTMENT FOR A CHANGE! This weekend, I plan to watch Chungking Express. Let it also be said that when going to Hawaii I watched Le Eclisse and it's amazing, sometimes better than others.


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