Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No work ethic

Great Article by Jim Beseda today in the Oregonian. As of 2pm today all early high school entrants into the draft must decide whether they want to partake, or return to college. If they decide to make themselves eligable for the draft, they are never allowed to play in college again. Ever. It's scary. Beseda quotes an NBA scout:

"Shavlik Randolph entered the draft because his father said he didn't want (Randolph) to sit on the bench at Duke," Blake said. "Is that ridiculous? What's he going to do? Start for L.A.? I like Shavlik, but, my goodness, he wanted to come out three years ago. He's not ready to play at the NBA level.

"I can understand a case like Randolph Morris. He went to Kentucky and found out it wasn't easy. Now he doesn't want to go to school and all of a sudden he's got his father and everyone around telling him, 'You're great.' And some agent is telling him he's going to get him a guaranteed contract in the first round or even in the second round, or else he can get him big money in Europe."

Much like I was mentioning last week, another example of youngs kids not working for what they want.


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