Sunday, June 26, 2005

saturday night at spaceland

brendan and i went to spaceland last night to check out the heartless bastards. they came highly recommended to brendan, who had given their disc a listen and enjoyed, but it was all gonna be new to me. we got there way too early and wound up watching two bands play before them.

the first was the spores. not a fan.

the second was mother superior. i've just been perusing their website and it seems they are quite big in europe. they played their shit well, but it's not exactly my tastes. there are some free downloads on the site if you're interested in seeing for yourself.

the main act was what we came for.

as i said, i had never heard the heartless bastards before and so i have no concept of how their sound compares live to the cd. but, they were definitely more my speed than the two previous bands. if you don't know them, they are a three piece band that formed in cincinatti and are signed with fat possum records.

it may have been the juxtaposition with the previous bands, but i liked them quite a bit. the lead singer, erika, has a fantastic voice and the songs are quick, energetic bursts of pure rock 'n roll. they played fast and hard only stopping maybe three times to take a sip of water and ask how everyone was. if you want to find out more about them check out their site and see what rolling stone, entertainment weekly and others are all raving about. and check out the song below courtesy of that site as well.

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