Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I am so so happy that John Nash is being a bull about this Gerald Green situation. Let me explain it to you. Gerald Green is coming directly out of high school, he has proven to be an explosive and amazing offensive player with leaps that would defy logic. But also, as is true with most high school prospects, he has some suspect defensive skills and has hired a slick "wheel and deal" agent who thinks he knows best. Well there was a huge pre-draft camp this last week at the Moody Bible Institute which is basically considered a pre-requisite for anybody trying to get picked in the draft. And word with scouts is Gerald Green UNDER performed at that camp, causing some to take pause at picking him as high as #3(the blazer's pick). So anyhow... Usually, when the Blazers work out players before the draft, they invite them in as groups, so they can compete against each other and try and show each other up and so on... But Green's agent is insisting that he work out alone. Insisting. He says that these players, one who in fact played for the national champs (McCants), are sub-par and late first round picks- therefore unworthy and trivial in actually evaluating the talents of his client. I think this is bull. So does John Nash. He has let Green and his agent know that we want to take him third, and moreover, we WANT him to visit us and workout, but we're not playing into any stipulations imposed by an agent, and we want to see Green prove his metal against some strong competition. That's a pretty fair request due to the fact that we'd be taking him before many big prospects and paying him a GAURANTEED 9 million over the next 3 years. Anyhow... I think this is great that Nash is resisting, in fact, INSISTING that they'd like Green to visit, but he's gonna visit like EVERYBODY ELSE.
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